Recipe: Yogurt Cheese

Years ago I was at a friend’s house and looked in her fridge and discovered something strange. When I asked her what it was she said that she was making yogurt cheese. It was something that her grandmother had taught her how to make.

I had not really thought of it until recently, when this website (bzzagent) I am a member of asked me to review and give feedback on FAGE Greek yogurt. Since I was getting three 17.6oz containers of yogurt I figured this was the perfect situation.

You are going to need:

1 ½ teaspoons dry dill

1 teaspoon freeze dried garlic

¼ teaspoon salt

The zest of one lemon

2 cups of Greek yogurt

The non-food items you need are:

32oz wide mouth canning jar with lid

12oz wide mouth canning jar (you can use the same lid as above since you only need one at a time)

Cheese cloth 1’x3′

A rubber band

A small mixing bowl and a spoon

In the bowl combine the ingredients and mix in thoroughly. If you are impatient you can stop there and use the mix as a delicious dill dip for veggies or chips or on salmon.

Take the cheese cloth fold it into a 1’x1′ square and set it in the 32oz jar so it hangs about halfway down the jar and secure it below the jar threading with the rubber band.

Spoon the yogurt mixture into the cheese cloth net. Be sure not to press it in too hard so that it doesn’t press the mixture out.

Secure the lid and let the mixture refrigerate overnight.

When it is ready it will have lost about a half cup of liquid. Carefully remove the cheese cloth net, remove the yogurt cheese from the net and place it into the smaller jar.

Serve on crackers, toast, or bagels with lox or whatever you think is delicious.



Paper Stars


Sometimes I make paper stars. I do it often enough that I now have about a shoebox worth of them that I am not entirely sure what to do with.
Anyway, once you get the hang of it they are pretty easy to make.
Start by cutting your paper into .5″x11″ strips.
Next tie one end in a knot (if you are using printed paper tie the knot so the printed image is on the inside).
Fold the short end over the paper following the natural line, if it is too long to just fold once, cut off the excess.
Wrap the long end around (printed side out) following the natural line of the pentagon.
Keep going until you have just enough to tuck into the previous wrap (if it is too long either fold it under or cut off the excess).
Pinch it into shape.
Occasionally you get one that won’t pinch correctly, just chuck those.
Here is a video.
Sorry about the fan noise.

Here are pictures:












Sew this is what I am up to…


For the last few nights I have been working on a commission quilt.
I am happy with how it turned out.

Here are some pictures.









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