Instagram and Puppyface



I have been experimenting with Instagram, it is fun putting filters on photos of Umlaut, but I am not sure I get it. Which I hear is silly since I love taking pictures of my food before I eat it, who doesn’t really?
I am only an hour or so in, I wonder just how many photos of Umlaut I can post.

If anyone can shed light on how Instagram is a social network, I’d appreciate it.
In the meantime, more picks of the pup.



T Pup

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Happy Effing New Year – bvvfft!

It’s been a tough year, already. Not necessarily bad, I am not quite ready to write it off, it is only the start of February… but it is only the start of February and I feel it. It is this mix of alive, sad and just tired. The superficial stuff is that I had a big event at work, and then I got a horrible flu. Welcome to 2011.

I was comparing notes with my dear friend TxK, her year though with a different set of challenges, also came in letting itself know, “I am 2011, and I have arrived!” oofda.

So what’s a girl to do?

Well go to Hawaii for the weekend of course!

Now, I wish, I really wish, I was one of those people who could say, wow, I’ve had a rough week, I am going to Hawaii to sit on the beach for a few days, hop on a plane and go. It was not that easy, but, that said, it was doable.

After some number crunching, some finagling and a conveniently placed work trip to the west coast, I found the opportunity to do just that. It also helped that I had a companion ticket so we were able to basically split the cost of 1 ticket and a tiny portion more.

The hotel will be the expensive part, so first we picked one Hotel, but that was 2 blocks from the beach… god forbid. Then we found another, this one seemed just right, until we realized a little note about having to cross the street to get to the beach… who wants to cross a street when the entire plan is: SIT ON BEACH FOR 2 DAYS???

SOO, then we found one that is much farther from the airport, at about 17$ each more it is ON, IN, heck it practically IS the beach. And to boot, it does not look kid friendly! I know, your kids are freaking amazing, adults love them, sorry, but I know the truth, you do not want to go on a relaxing, do nothing, beach sitting vacation with them, and more importantly neither do I.

Now all I have to do is get through the next few… 8 to be exact… weeks.

It will be tough.