Sew Legos are Awesome


Now that I have the time, I have been sewing a lot, mostly sewing, looking for a job, sleeping and visiting with friends, it doesn’t suck.
As it is, I do not often use patterns, but I occasionally pick them up when I am trying something new, or when one just screams MAKE ME!! so I have a small collection.

One night, I’d had a drink or two and was feeling a little sad, so I decided to get some Legos to add to the lego bucket.

Two days later, when I had moved past the pity party a box showed up on my doorstep. Yay Amazon Prime!

Since I already have a bucket for the Legos I dumped the plastic tub, then I was like yay, now I have this plastic tub, I looked inside trying to figure what to do with it… It would make a pretty decent compost bucket, but then it dawned on me, it is pretty much the same size as a pattern envelope, low and behold… Perfect.


So, in the even you need an excuse to buy some Legos… Here you go.


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